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The global benchmark for precision andquality

SUN is a technology leader in high-performance precision tools for the global dental market. Founded in 2002, our owner-managed company focuses on innovation, quality, and individuality.

With our own research and development laboratory and the highest greatest possible vertical integration of the manufacturing process, SUN offers certified quality grinding and polishing solutions. We are also a global original equipment manufacturer for white-label solutions with an international network of distributors in 40 countries.

A passion for innovation

Whether in engineering, manufacturing, or service — our agile teams all have one goal: to get better and better. We never settle for what we have achieved. We constantly evolve the technologies, formulations and features of our grinders and polishers. We want your customers to get the best results and stay ahead of the competition.

Six steps from idea to marketable product


Ideas and briefings

It all starts with your idea. To turn that idea into a market-ready product, we have designed a development process that gets us there quickly, efficiently, and safely. From the very first briefing, your needs are our guide.


Concept development and validation

Our experts identify and test viable solutions for your product development. We draw on the experience of more than 2,500 previous variants to get you closer to your goal.


Feasibility study and calculation

How — and at what cost — can we realize your product request? We provide sound answers to these questions in the form of feasibility studies and calculations to give you complete planning security at an early stage.


Design and test phase

State-of-the-art simulation and CAD technologies are used to create virtual versions of your future product. The exact mixture of abrasives to be used is also determined at this stage. This is followed by prototype construction and extensive real-world testing with microscopic examinations.


Release phase

Once all optimizations and adjustments have been made in an iterative process, we can be sure that your objectives have been met in every respect. Only then does your final approval or acceptance take place.


Mass production

Serial production of your product begins with our own molds on our dedicated production equipment. All process parameters are stored and documented, ensuring that your product is always manufactured to consistently high quality and reproducible specifications.

Either a product meets our standards, or it doesn't leave the factory. We strive for excellence ... and if it doesn't, we improve it.

Global reach

We have an international network of distributors in 40 countries. This allows us to work face-to-face with distributors and the industry over short distances.

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