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First choice for every indication

Its versatility is unmatched — monolithic and partially veneered zirconia, fine-structured glass ceramics and conventional veneering ceramics.

High End Instruments: from the professional for the professional

The possibilities offered by modern all-ceramics have never been as diverse as they are today. The requirements are constantly growing — this calls for a high degree of flexibility in addition to perfection. With our Panther Premium range, you have the perfect solution for all users: from optimal green body processing to premium finishes for the highest demands.

Carsten Fischer
sirius ceramics

Panther Green

For perfect accentuation of unsintered zirconia

Contouring zirconia in the green-body state is an important step in perfecting the application of the material. This step requires meticulous care because the CAD/CAM-milled structures have a low hardness and can be irreparably damaged if not machined properly.

Impurities of any kind, such as hand grease, improperly selected rotating instruments or general dirt, can have an enormous influence on the properties of the material. With the new Panther Green instruments, you are using specially matched instruments that you can rely on to perform safe, accurate and efficient machining everyday. Just what you’ve come to expect from Panther instruments.

Panther Stone

The shape must be right

Monolithic restorative concepts have become the standard in prosthetics. How natural a prosthetic restoration looks and behaves in all its details depends on its shape and surface design.

Panther Shape

Contouring right to the point

Multilayer zirconia is playing an increasingly important role in current restorative concepts. Panther shape260 is a finishing line specifically designed to meet the demanding criteria for correct processing of these materials.

Smooth, yet efficient

Very long service life

Contouring right to the point

Ready-to-use technology

Panther Rough

A Panther for the rough and tough

When processing one-piece and two-piece abutments, this instrument is the first step towards improved tissue deposition. (Sa value of 0.41 µm)

Panther Edition Surface lense 260, rough is also used for coarse reduction of excess adhesive on hybrid abutments. Due to the coarse structure of this instrument, particles are easily removed and do not contaminate the instrument.

Panther Smooth

The preliminary stage to perfect gloss

Panther Smooth defines even the finest accents and highlights the target shape of the workpiece. Incisal edges, light-reflecting ridges strips and marginal areas appear hyper-defined. This instrument is popular for its smooth removal action and is a perfect example of the performance of high-end Panther instruments.

Panther Smooth represents the first step in the two step Panther polishing protocol. A flawless high luster is achieved in the second step with Panther Gloss.

Panther Gloss

Effortless to the desired gloss level

A perfect high luster is one of the most important requirements for a monolithic restoration. Only a perfect surface protects the natural antagonists and prevents possible parafunction. The broad range of Panther Gloss shapes in combination with Panther polishing paste and Panther bristle brushes achieves perfect high luster in all areas.